On Fiat Currency

The real issues isn’t that our money today is baseless in its true value. It isn’t even a significant problem that somehow we have all bought into the mass belief of its perceived value, a kind of shared universal state of hypnosis. The issue of the hour of reckoning yet to come cannot be easily seen until you have had a specific epiphany.  Once you have decided to look behind the curtain past the facade of capitalism, a realization will come upon you, that the whole monetary cycle that has been created to support this perceptual belief is an engine of psychopathic self destruction. 


That the monetary cycle has an ever increasing appetite, a need to feed, a lust for exponential borrowing and exponential consumption and exponential debt. A mindless machine that only works when economies are expanding year over year to support the debt burden of the past with an ever increasing consumption rate tomorrow. The machine has no conscience, no remorse, no empathy, it knows only profit and growth, it cares not for the next generation, it only cares about its IRR and the next financial closing period. Its maniacal, its sexy, its bright and beautiful with unmatched powers of seduction, it will promise you happiness and a future with me myself and I. It’s an illusion sold to a willing audience who will not accept the truth, that above all the machine is a dirty lying whore that will not stop until it has consumed every usable resource in our world. This is an insane process designed by our sociopathic leadership bent on the destruction of any viable future of promise. To this end the machine has created the largest standing army in human history. An unstoppable force of billions, the consumers, who carry out their mission in blind defiance of the mathematical truths. That exponential growth was never sustainable by definition, it has limits …. and when those limits have been reached the machine will grind to a halt, almost without warning, as simultaneously the global house of cards, our civilization, will begin to collapse. The results of our insatiable glutinous display of mindless consumption will be the realization that we have squandered away the rich inheritance of resources that should have been for the benefit of many generations yet to come. Instead of being the caretakers of enlightenment, our gift to the future will be a used and dirty welcome mat and a bag of cold stale fries ….. enjoy your stay …it’s just down the path…. welcome to the second dark ages of mankind.


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